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About Paul Rogers

I am a freelance writer, editor, and brand messaging specialist based in Raleigh, N.C.

As an entrepreneur, writer, and creative team leader, I bring a wealth of experience creating and editing written content, leading creative teams, and juggling concurrent projects across a variety of industries.

I was President of Rogers Word Service (RWS) for 12 years.  RWS was a B2B transcription, writing, and editing service employing 5 full-time employees and 19 contractors at its peak, doing business with over 150 clients.  It was the family business, and I took it over at 23 years old after spending 7 years "in the trenches" doing hours of transcription and editing.

When I took over, the business was losing money every month, on the brink of bankruptcy.  I turned the ship around and was able to grow the business for 12 years, maintaining profitability.  I did this by targeting undeveloped markets and relationships, a full redesign of the website and blog, and cutting unnecessary operational costs.

Under my leadership, RWS served as written resource provider for a variety of industries,  including tech (Red Hat), academia (Duke University, NCSU, UNC-CH, UPenn), journalism (The Washington Post, POLITICO),  content production (How Stuff Works, Unity Video Production), marketing (Capstrat, Centerline Digital, Stone Agency, McKinney).

RWS taught me grammar, an appreciation for linguistic clarity, how to "speak business," how to strategize and market effectively.  It also taught me that I enjoy putting together words more than I enjoy managing accounts and operations, which of course is the main duty of the small business owner.  So now I write freelance.

My freelance career is built off the relationships and skills built running RWS, an experience I will always value.

I have a degree in jazz trumpet performance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and, in addition to my writing, I am a professional jazz trumpeter and educator.  I play in a fairly popular Raleigh jazz band with my brother, tenor saxophonist Peter Lamb.  The band is called Peter Lamb and the Wolves, and we have played for everything from TED Talks to weddings, festivals, and jazz clubs.

I'm a Raleigh native, father to two amazing girls, and am married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

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One of my favorite pics of me and my littlest one enjoying the Christmas decorations at Pullen Park in Raleigh.

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