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Transcription Copy

We produce and edit transcripts for all purposes.  Our goal is to provide excellent transcripts in a fast and efficient manner.  An accurate transcript can help you get the most information from your audio and video files, and can make your job significantly easier, whether you're in the legal, medical, marketing, or research field.  We use only the very best transcribers and editors.


The hallmark of a Rogers Word Service transcript is attention to detail.  We are not afraid to spend as much time as it takes to find the proper spelling of complex jargon or deduce whether you're talking about Mr. Rogers or Mr. Rodgers.


Customer service is another one of our strengths.  We strive to understand our clients' needs in order to ensure they get exactly the type of transcript that will best serve them.


If you're a documentary filmmaker, the transcript you'll need for the post-production and editing process is much different from the transcript you'll need for subtitling.  For post-production work, you'll need all of the significant verbal tics and stutters to make sure you can put together a clean product.  For subtitling, you want to cleanly present the information to the viewer, so readability is of paramount importance.


Our experience in the transcription industry means we know all the right questions to ask that will help you get the right product.

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