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Response Template for RFQ

There are three specifications that we need to ensure we provide the transcript that best suits your needs.


  1. Level of verbatim.  We have three levels of verbatim: standard, legal verbatim, and video editing verbatim.

    Standard is lightly edited for readability and clarity, eliminating minor verbal tics and stutters.
    Legal verbatim contains all spoken words but eliminates some insignificant word repetitions and verbal tics.
    Video editing verbatim contains all spoken words as well as the significant word repetitions and verbal tics.

  2. Level of proofing.  This is the amount of post-transcription proofing we perform on our end.  We have two levels: regular and premium proofing.

    Premium proofed transcripts are proofed against the audio in their entirety and thoroughly researched to ensure the highest level of accuracy.  This includes research into proper names, technical terms, acronyms, etc.  Premium proofed transcripts are essentially ready to publish.
    Regular proofing is still exceptionally high quality but lacks the deep research and painstaking that differentiates premium proofing from regular proofing.  This allows us to facilitate quicker turnaround and lower cost.

  3. Time codes.  We can put time stamps in the transcript roughly every 30 seconds or at speaker changes.  This helps if you need to reference the transcript against the audio.

For the specifications you listed, our estimated rate is $____ per audio hour, prorated to the nearest minute, or $_____ total for the requested _____ hours/minutes of audio.  This rate may increase due to difficult speakers and/or audio quality, highly technical content, or other factors determined during editorial evaluation.


You can upload to us via our website at this link.

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