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Posted on the Our State Magazine website as a piece of featured content to highlight the art scene in Greensboro, and how UNC-G plays a unique role as collaborator/facilitator.

This is a monthly newsletter I wrote for a regulatory compliance client.  Pretty dry stuff normally, but we decided to go for a bit of humor mixed with informative.

This is the RWS style guide I put together for onboarding new transcribers and editors.

I wrote this short LinkedIn post to highlight lessons learned from teaching music to a young prodigy student.

This is a blog post I wrote for a music teacher on how to practice music and apply that process to learning other skills.

A series of 7 articles I wrote for the Halifax County Tourism Board.  The aim was to inform and entertain readers to encourage tourism in Halifax County.

I use this document with my clients to obtain key information prior to project kickoff

I wrote this as a blog post for a music store's website and social media, highlighting an over-overlooked benefit of learning a musical instrument

White paper on trumpet fundamental techniques.

A long-form article I wrote on LinkedIn giving my story about career changes, along with lessons learned.

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